Energy Solutions for Business:
Retrofit Lighting

Application Instructions

Once you begin the online application, it must be completed in full. Please have the following information available prior to beginning:
  • Business Contact Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
  • Service Provider Information (if applicable)
  • BGE Account Number
  • Expected Completion Date
  • Technical Sheet – which provides a list of the incentive offering and technical requirements. Located at Lighting Technical Sheet.
  • Retrofit Lighting Worksheet – which will be required documentation to upload in the "Tasks" tab within your project in the Application Center. Located at Retrofit Lighting Worksheet. Please read the instructions tab, as the Retrofit Lighting Worksheet has recently changed.

Effective April 1, 2017: BGE Prescriptive Retrofit Lighting applications are eligible to receive increased incentives for a majority of the LED luminaires and retrofit kits for a limited time only. Please reference the Lighting Technical Sheet for additional details.

Prior to submitting new Prescriptive or Custom applications, all Service Providers are required to submit a Service Provider application and wait for approval. If you have not yet submitted an application, please review the requirements to become a participating Service Provider before submitting the Service Provider application online.

Remember: Pre-approval is required for all projects. Please review the Terms & Conditions for online applications.

BGE will process applications for payment in the order received and will authorize payment upon the application’s review and approval. The incentive check will be mailed 6–8 weeks after the project’s completion and payment approval.